Moscow Region, Novogorsk
Master plan development, development of standard houses and townhouses. Conception of public areas and landscaping.
Plot Area
58.5 ha
Total area of plots for sale
311,585 m²
No. private houses
Total area of townhouse buildings
47,303 m²
Total area of public buildings
7,000 m²
Area of village landscaping
80,541 m²
The project aims to take into account the distinctive terrain of the site, viewing points, and existing forest area.
Master plan
There are two natural ponds on the territory, which are surrounded by public and recreational areas.
The unique landscape design of the boulevards serves to provide additional greenery within the settlement.
The public area at the entrance of the settlement features a supermarket, multifunctional centre, fitness centre and restaurant located on the bank of the pond. The main road offers a view of the settlement’s main recreational areas, including sports facilities and playgrounds, rest areas and a sandy beach by the pond.
The bends in the roads emphasise the picturesque terrain, enhancing the panoramic views and unique organisation of the settlement. The main roads are boulevards, while houses are located on cul-de-sacs to ensure the comfort and privacy of individual plots and eliminate transit passage.
The front yards are designed without fences, with additional landscaping integrated into the settlement’s overall layout. However, the territory along the edges of the houses will be fenced in order to maintain individual privacy. This design fosters a more friendly and open environment within the settlement, in keeping with the best examples of European and American urbanism.


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