Dobrograd city
Schematic design
Plot Area: 0.8 ha
Total Area: 10.700 m²
A new office building in Dobrograd is to be constructed in the most picturesque part of the city. The building will be situated on a hill at the highest point of the city, bordering a park.
The customer wished to integrate the building with the distinctive terrain and create a new landmark for the city. The building was to become a business card of its corporate world and harmoniously blend in with the surrounding area of the park.
The key idea was to design the building as an element of the landscape and an "extension of the park." Terrain variation allows for a complex and unique structure with a gradient of levels, resulting from an array of walkable roofs that are connected via other roofs or stairs The building occupies almost the entire site and, therefore, cannot support amenities and public spaces around it.
The roofs make up for that fact. The building structure incorporates a foot-only boulevard that starts in the park. From the boulevard, one can ascend to the top and enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the entire city.
Зона сидячих мест
Зона сидячих мест
Зона сидячих мест
Зона сидячих мест
The roofs can be reached from several levels of the building via a series of entries, which allows for easy access directly from the office space.
Rooftops provide landscaped public spaces for recreation and socialization, "green" offices, gardens, versatile space for events, and an amphitheater.
Парадная кафе Сезоны
Парадная кафе Сезоны
Парадная кафе Сезоны
Кафе Сезоны вид зимой крупный план


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