Competition of Zoo in

Berane city, Montenegro
Competition project, collaboration with architectural agency FOUR+
Plot Area: 5,3 ha
Total Area: 15 000 m²
The starting point of the image and the source of inspiration for us was the pebbles that frame the Lim River, and is also one of the key materials for the traditional architecture of Montenegro. By simplifying the silhouette of the pebbles, we get irregular polyhedrons that form a complex geometric pattern on the water. This geometric pattern represents a river whose movement is similar to the pedestrian flow of visitors. We get an easy-to-implement and visually spectacular silhouette of landscaping. Thus, the flow of the river represents the pedestrian streams of visitors, while the pebbles are islands saturated with greenery and function.
The main building is a complex structure consisting of small pavilions, each with their own unique function and geometry. It resembles a Montenegrin village, nested in the valley of a mountain river, with its stone roofing enhancing this impression.
Мещерский парк
The pavilion of waterfowl is located near a waterfowl aviary with an open lake and houses thermophilic subspecies. The pavilion also has a small area for visitors to relax and observe the birds from the shore of the lake. The pavilion has a glass drop-shaped design. The glass facades can be transformed during the warm season if needed. The roof has additional skylights to ensure natural lighting and comfort for the birds.
The reptile pavilion and the pheasant pavilion are two distinct pavilions that form a unified composition. The reptile pavilion is a solid stone semicircular building with a glass gallery that circles the turtle pool. The pheasant pavilion is a metal structure with a mesh cover. Inside, in addition to the houses, the pavilion has different levels for the birds to move around that makeit more interesting to observe them. Visitors can walk through the pavilion and see birds from different angles.
The birds of prey pavilion is situated close to the main complex. It features elongated parallelepipeds that provide ample space for the birds to fly. Its simple metal structure incorporates opaque and transparent mesh surfaces to create a dynamic space. Blank walls form enclosed nests for birds and provide shade.
The restaurant #2 building is located deep within the zoo. Its position, on the one hand, breaks up the structure of the fence, and, on the other hand, allows additional exposure to the river and city. There is a large shaded terrace next to the restaurant, where visitors can cool off during the day. The building also has an accessible roof that can be additionally used as an observation deck with a stunning view of the zoo, valley and city. The restaurant can additionally have a window for takeaway food and drinks on the riverside, which will add more liveliness to the public space by the water.
Мещерский парк
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